Hats for Big Heads: How Suay's Innovative Silicon Snap Back is Changing the Game

September 8, 2023 · Jason Knott

If you've ever been on the hunt for big head hats, you know how challenging it can be. How many times have you tried on hat after hat, only to find that it's too tight, uncomfortable, or simply doesn't sit right? Fortunately, for those of us with slightly larger head sizes, there's finally a solution that offers comfort, style, and a perfect fit every time. Introducing: Suay's silicon snap back hats.

The Age-Old Problem of Finding the Right Fit

Finding hats for big heads isn't just about vanity. A hat that fits well feels comfortable, doesn't leave pressure marks, and generally enhances the overall look and feel of an outfit. Unfortunately, most hats are designed with a one-size-fits-all approach. If your head size deviates from the so-called "norm," you're out of luck.

Suay's Big Head Solution

But all this is set to change. Suay recognized the struggle and responded with a revolutionary design – a silicon snap back. This unique innovation allows the hat to adjust perfectly to your head size, ensuring a snug fit without the pinch.

Why Silicon?

Silicon offers two primary benefits: stretchability and softness. By incorporating a silicon rubber backing, Suay hats stretch just the right amount, ensuring they fit comfortably on larger heads. This elasticity is coupled with the soft feel of the silicon, which ensures that the hat doesn't feel tight or restrictive.

Two Sizes for Optimal Fit

Understanding the diversity of head sizes, Suay offers their hats in two sizes:

  • S/M - 5 snaps start at 56cm
  • L/XL - 5 snaps start at 58cm (~7 3/8 and up)

This dual sizing approach, combined with the flexibility of the silicon snap back, means that everyone – regardless of their head size – can enjoy the perfect fit.


No more endless searches. No more settling for ill-fitting hats. With Suay's innovative silicon snap back design, the quest for big head hats is finally over. Experience the comfort, style, and perfect fit that everyone's talking about. Whether you're dressing up or down, make sure you do it with a Suay hat on your head.